WALD® always attentive to respect for the environment,
wants to spread knowledge of the fundamental role of bees
and other pollinators and how important it is to safeguard them
Without pollinators many food crops, for example fruits, vegetables and seeds,
would decrease with detrimental consequences for food security,
their activity favours the growth of basic plants
for the food chain of terrestrial ecosystems.

WALD® translated into German “forest”, is the name of our brand (*)
which has always told a story of connection with the Earth.

Link once again concretised through a new project which sees the commitment of WALD® in the partnership with 3Bee, the nature tech company that develops technologies for monitoring, protection and regeneration of biodiversity, with a particular focus on pollinators, precious beings, very important for the health of our ecosystems.

* WALD means‘ forest ’, original Lombard toponym of Gualdo Tadino, (Umbria) our town.

Through 3Bee we have adopted a nettariferous oasis of 50 plants in Umbria
that will provide nourishment and shelter for wild pollinators.
logo di fiore in fiore
to tell the story of these irreplaceable “living creatures” !