The savour of tradition

“Memorie di campagna” collection brings back the past of genuine flavors and authentic beauty

  • Dessert plate ø 22 cm, Side plate ø 18 cm, Utensils jar with 3 utensils 85 cl

  • Dinner plate ø 27 cm, Soup plate ø 22 cm, Dessert plate ø 21 cm

  • Coffee cup with saucer 10 cl, cl 7.5 espresso cup with saucer, mug 30 cl, eggstand

  • For oven and microwave: rectangular tureen cm 34×21, 5 cm 39×27, 5. ladle rest, 20×20 cm pot holder and oven glove jacquard fabric 100% cotton

  • Steel cutlery with porcelain handle: knife, fork, spoon and coffee spoon

  • Round serving plate Ø 33 cm, bowl Ø 18 cm, ladle rest, salt and pepper set with saucer 25 cl bottle oil, dip bowl Ø 8,5 cm, canister with rubber seal cl 85 (3 variants of decorum), dinner plate Ø 27 cm, soup plate 22 cm, 22×11 cm plastic glass holder

  • Decorated enameled steel : kettle 3 liter, 2 liter milk can with wooden handle, jug Ø 12 cm, Ø 10 cm. 20×20 cm pot holder, oven glove, jacquard fabric 100% cotton

  • Rectangular tureen cm 39×27, 5, suitable for cooking in a traditional oven and microwave. Salt and pepper set with saucer, 25 cl oil bottle

Discover, thanks to everyday use, the quality of 100% jacquard cotton fabric

The accuracy of the Jacquard manufacture, a peculiar weaving technique, expresses in the best way
the colours and the patterns of the tradition, and makes the fabric particularly resistant. Among WALD® tissues, you can choose: runner, placemat and napkins, bread basket, kitchen clothes, oven glove and pot holders, apron, multipurpose bag, cuchion cover. Last but not least, you can purchase fabric by meter and create with it any garment you desire or simply add some colour to your home. After the first wash, for its qualities, the cotton has about a 5% shrinkage.

Discover, thanks to everyday use, the qualities of the enamel steel.

he peculiarities of enamel steel make these cookware items and accessories suitable for the daily use. They don’t absorb or release any smell, they are resistant to natural acids (lemon juice, vinegar…) therefore suitable to preserve food also in fridge.The enamel steel keeps unaffected by the organic acids coming from the cooking. In addition to their usefullness, these items are beautiful on the table because personalized with different patterns. They allow to quickly reach the boiling of the liquids and to mantain the heat so that the food can be cooked at low heat saving electric energy.
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