Expression of Italian Art and Lifestyle


Keeping the handicraft memories In the shapes and the colours of our works, the atmosphere of the useful and long lasting traditional things, melts together with the functionality of the modern way of living. New senses spread all around, to savour the warm and the colour of things, following the breathe of the seasons.
A long lasting value WALD®’s objects recreate in your home a unique and unmistakable style because it’s blooming from a culture full of feelings and not from the changeable trend of the present…
The land made the difference Our purpose is to pass on what our land gave us, the love for your home, your family, the passion for your work, the respect for the nature…Recovering the taste for simplicity and the pleasure of living your home in the daily life.

Ceramicists since 1920


Forest green is our colour, it sourrounds us and distinguishes our territory. WALD® is a result of successful mix of tradition, internationalization, communication, unique design, innovation and the search of best materials. Our objects are deeply rooted in the finest craftmenship tradition but with a modern twist in the choice of colours, techniques and forms. The vastness of our vision find its expression in the rich array of our collections, unique in their kinds, that communicate the lure of the tradition together with the attention to the functionality and the importance of immagination and creativity. We constantly seek the superb quality in every detail. Tradition, solidity and creativity, these are the fundamental characteristics of our product that enable the creation of objects that go beyond trends.

An Italian project in the world market


Quality, service, communication, specialization together with a strong identity of the products and the vast choice of collections identify and characterise WALD® in the growingly homologated global market. We guarantee an original and quality product distinguished for its unmistakable ITALIAN creativity component. WALD® is present in numerous authorised shops in Italy and abroad.

Quality and tradition 100% Kergrès®


The only durable Quality inside. Our filling makes a difference!

Unique material of its kind, registered trademark of a formula which was studied by WALD®’s search and development laboratory; it is a blend of fine clays, fired at high temperature, about 1250º C, with high characteristics of hardness and resistance that reach a high quality standard. It has a natural ivory colour, a quality which allows the expression of peculiar decorative and chromatic effects. The decoration for WALD®’s collections is one of the most important issues for the company, for sure it is the most complex, but the one which allows the making of characterised objects with a strong identity. The brightness of the colours, that are always under-glaze, will remain in time unaltered. Kergrès® is suitable for the use in the microwave and dishwasher.

Quality and tradition WALD